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You Will Never Throwaway Your Old Bulb Again When You See Ways To Use Them Again

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Many of us dump or throwaway our old bulb after use,not knowing there are so many ways we use this bulbs again. Below are some listed creative ways we can use them again

Smoothes wrinkles :Take a still-warm bulb and run it over a wrinkle clothe. It will smooth out immediately 

Festive ornaments :watching the element when it comes to buying festival blunting? Just paint the outside of the bulb with paint and gliter, do snow for Christmas and hang them Around the house 

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Innovative lamp: with some oil and a shoelace turn the bulb into a little lamp

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As a flower vase: After removing the bottom part of the bulb, as well as the filament, fill the bulb with water and flowers and run a string through it. Hang this on your wall or your office desk area. These vase looks adorable when hung in a row, in a windows will or even over a table. 

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Make hot air balloons :Wrap the bulb with some fabric. Attach a little crochet basket with some thick string to the bulb mouth. Turn it upside down and voila you done.

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See this I don't there is any reason for us to throwaway our old bulb. Thank you

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