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Top 5 Video Conferencing Apps for Business Meetings

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Just because an App is popular doesn't make it the best nor the only one.

Today, the pandemic has made Businesses work from home and to connect with clients and staffs, they resort to video conferences.

Video conference Apps help you host meetings online and present features that will help you manage the meeting and as well share files or presentations like you would during physical meetings.

The Apps listed below were selected based on the following features:

1. Screen Sharing.

2. Ease of the UI (user interface).

3. Security/privacy.

4. User's Choice.

5. Developer's Review.

Here is a list of Top 5 of such Apps that you can explore for your business.

In Ascending Order, we have:

5. Microsoft Teams.

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This is best suitable for staff meeting procedures. You cannot host a seminar or conference with Microsoft Teams. It was designed to help businesses stay connected with staff, share information and also the office 365 Integration makes it a good choice in terms of working with your team. Although, in rival to other video conference apps, Teams has increased participants number to 250 and added some features too.

4. Goto Meeting.

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This is also amazing. It offers the screen share option. Amongst others, but the free period is limited and it only allows less than 30 participants.

3. Cisco Webex.

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Ladies and Gentlemen? Try this out!. The UI( user interface) is super easy and you have control over participants plus screen sharing and all. The screens also have Annotation too. And it's free.

2. Zoom.

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I really want to rate this #1 but users' choice on app reviews and Android community, are moving away.

Zoom lost their integrity when they had that breach in security, making just anybody to bomb into an executive meeting- Zoombombing. This was before the introduction of waiting room.

Zoom is also rivalled in terms of the period of time in free version and participants.

1. Google Meet.

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Do you know Google Meet Integrated Google Translate to offer to the subtitle? You can actually have a meeting with a Chinese and you will get the English Subtitle. Awesome? Yeah!.

The privacy is Good, such that you must have a Google account to have access unlike zoom. Until September, Google is absolutely free. After September, the free app will allow you a duration of 1hr.

Google Meet is now the choice because G- Suite Integration, which is Awesome.

I actually love all Google products, so I'll choose this over and over again.

Hope you got value? Over to you!

Which of these have you tried and which is your number one?

Cheers to your smart phone Productivity and profitability!

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