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Meet This Handsome Footballer Who Is Also A Medical Doctor And Helping Covid-19 Patients.

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There are some few players who has university degree in many field who are pursuing careers in football and Laurent is one of them but the amazing thing is he took a step forward out of football to help covid-19 patients.

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This is Laurent Duvernay-Tardif , a National Football league player who plays for Kansas city chiefs.

He is a gridiron football guard for Kansas city chiefs and wears Jersey number 76.

He is a medical doctor and he has a dectorate degree in medicine but hasn't gotten his licence

He is a Canadian citizen.

He is the ninth Canadian and a non kicker to win NFL Superbowl championship and he is also the fourth degree holder in medicine to play in NFL.

He got his degree before venturing into football.

Recently he helped Kansas city chiefs to win super bowl championship but three months after becoming super bowl champion, he went back home to Canada before corona virus struck.

He volunteered himself been a decorate degree holder in medicine to work as a front line worker to help those that caught the virus. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


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