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How to build a 3 bedroom flat with 30,000 to 50,000 naira monthly income.

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Building a nice house in Nigeria is actually easy and attainable if you are determined and self disciplined. Many of our youths today have already eaten their future because of extravagant and ostentatious living. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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It amazes me to hear our energetic youths complaining of how difficult it is to build a house when they spend thousands of naira on frivolous things like partying, drinking, philandering,smoking etc. It is very common to see a young man buying sharwama and barbeque almost on daily basis,yet the same man lives in a rented apartment..!!! Have you ever imagine those money you spend weekly on point and kill and partying can be channelled to buy cement and blocks every month.?

What an irony !!! A plate of sharwama and barbeque presently sells for #3500 and #2500 respectively. It could be higher in other big hotels and bars. Now please don't get me wrong,am not saying it's bad to enjoy yourself but what am saying is i prefer to enjoy myself after achieving some achievements and accomplishments in life. With all sense of humility, no matter how how much you earn,if you are still living in a rented apartment at your old age shows something is definitely wrong.

A bag of cement sells for #2300-#2600 depending on the type of cement you opt for. Imagine the money you spend a minimum of #7000 -#10,000 every weekend for sharwama and barbeque is being used to purchase at least 3 bags of cement every weekend or monthly.! That will give you 36 bags to 48 bags of cement every month!!! Imagine you buy 3 bags of cement weekly.!!! Funny isn't it.? View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

(Pictures for illustration)

Do you know with 100 bags of cement you can build a 3 bedroom flat to lintel level.??

Now lemme break it down for you. It would be super easy if you already have land because land is the major issue in building your house. If you already have a land,your house is already 50percent complete.

Materials for building your house to lintel level.

3 trip of sand(8000-11000 depending on your location)

2 trip of stone(14000-1800 depending on your location)

35 bags of cement for foundation work(#2300-#2600 per bag depending on the brand of cement you use.)

65 bags of cement ( if you intend to mould them yourself,you need at least 2500-2600 pieces of block to build a standard 3 bedroom flat or you can buy.

Labour #50,000-#70,000(depends on how much you bargain and your location,it could be cheaper if you are situated in a rural area.)

Now you see with a minimum of #300,000- #350,000, your house is already at the lintel level.! It could even be cheaper if you live in an area where sand, stones and labour are cheaper. Imagine if you earn 50,000 monthly and you are wise enough and determined to save just #15000-#20,000 monthly for 3 years, that will amouth to #450,000-#720,000!!!. Can you see how easy it is to build your house .? It is just a matter of discipline and determination. You just have to sacrifice unprofitable pleasures and flamboyant lifestyle.. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The main thing is just to be determined to forgo pleasures to reap the dividends of your discipline.

Even if you earn #30,000 monthly and manage to save 10,000 -15,000 monthly for 3 years. Youou can still be a proud owner of a house if you are diligent and patience to embrace the habit of savings. Just make sure you build your house in an area where land is cheap and affordable I.e rural areas to save cost.

Do you like this info, please share with your friends and families and comment below if you want more info for the cheapest way to roof your 3 bedroom flat at minimum cost.

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Iamdavidmarvel · 06/25/2020
Thanks writer,but this life no balance. which work can Someone rely on to be working for 3 years now without issues that will erase the whole savings? the best is to invest the little u can save in short period of time wisely and make more money for that. Na naija we dey oo..transportation and feeding alone has drained 50,000 under one month no mattetmr how discipline you applied,unless you wanna loose your life before u finish building the do called House. Thanks again for the advice.
+234-0705855**** · 06/24/2020
419. Don come.
FelizDeltaState · 06/25/2020
Easier said than done. before you finish with that plan with such an amount you will be close to madness or down with sickness caused by self deprivation.
TundeOlofin · 06/25/2020
it's not easy like that, 3 bed bungalow in naija will cost you at least #2m to lintel level.

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