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Many Nigerians No Longer Wear Face Masks [See Reasons]

Humblegreat 06/24/2020

No need of reminding us the havoc this pandemic has caused in our country at large. To mention but few, churches, mosques, schools has been shutdown because of it. Notwithstanding, the Federal Government has ordered that we observe the precautionary measures to help curb the pandemic.

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However, amidst this COVID-19, many people have become rich as a result of producing facemasks, hand sanitizers etc which the Federal Government made compulsory that we wear it before going out.

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Recently, the observance of all this measures are gradually fading away, most especially the use of face mask. Who is to be blamed? No one. Many people have just decided to go back to the normal way of life which is, movement without the mask.

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Well, some people stopped wearing it because they believe that there's nothing like COVID-19 in Nigeria. Yes, I concur to that. Reason is because, I haven't seen any COVID-19 patient ever since the confirmed cases is increasing on daily basis meanwhile, am in Lagos.

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Again, Nigerians stopped wearing face mask because to some people, putting on the mask is punishment. Still on the issue of the increament in the COVID-19 real time update, so many people believed that all those figures are manipulated, if not so, then how did those people recovered? Which medicine did the FG give them? This are some questions that when some Nigerians ask themselves, they see no reason to put on the mask moving about.

What do you think about this issue of face mask? Is there really COVID-19 in Nigeria?




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PhemyJameson_01 · 06/24/2020
what so ever have biginning must have an end we're watching.

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