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10 Most Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship.

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I’ve been writing article about relationships for a while and no matter what stage of life, or what stage in the relationship, most of the issues women are having are rooted in the same mistakes.To help you get on the path toward a healthier and happier relationship, I’ve discover 10 most common relationship mistakes most women make. If you can take note of this mistake, you will see the improvement in your relationship. 

1. Getting Jealous: A little jealousy is alright, however If you are angry every time there is a woman around him, then you’re making an error. It is normal for men to look at other ladies, as long as it's only a careless look, there is no need to be angry. Men love ladies who are confident and secure, so don't be a jealous sweetheart. This will make him feel you don’t have trust in him and may cause fight and harshness. Try not to let envy slaughter your relationship.

2. Not Loving Him In The Way That Makes Him Feel Loved: Everybody feels love in an unexpected way. Most ladies feel cherished when their man presents to them a bunch of roses while this type of gesture would be meaningless to a guy. Guys have their own specific manners of feeling love; it could be gift, food, praises, some tea, or a massage. Focus on how he reacts to things to figure out what makes him feel truly loved.

3. Not Taking Good Care Of Yourself: It is a typical practice by women; when they are in a long term relationship and they feel secure and safe that the man is in it for the long run especially after marriage and children, they let themselves believe there's no need to shave, work out, wear pleasant outfits or look good like you use to do in the start, ladies shield this point by saying he should love me even under the least favorable conditions. All that is being asked is to look at least clean, smell nice, and be healthy.

4. Being Aggressive: Nothing drives men crazier than a lady being upset yet state 'nothing' when he asks what's going on. Don't say nothing and then continue being angry and expecting him to force you into telling him your worries, it will only annoy him. If it's something he did, at that point don't go for the quiet treatment, mention to him what's disturbing you, if it’s something outside the relationship, let him help you by being your support.

5. Not Giving Him Space: Let him hangout with his friends, or spend time on his hobbies, don't attack his personal time. Attempting to stick to him will choke him, and he'll begin missing his single life.

6. Not Appreciating His Efforts: Value the things he is doing for you; think of his good more than his bad. For instance, you need an iPhone but he gets you an android phone appreciate him instead of fighting him. 

7. Involving A Third Person: Be it your closest companion or your mother, keep your relationship issues personal. Even if you are seeking for an advice involve that person so much to avoid messing it up with wrong advice. You know your man more than anybody else; you should be mature and know how to deal with your problems.

8. Being Negative All The Time: Being negative in a relationship will turn a discussion into an argument which will lead to fight or quarrel.

9. Expecting Him To Read Your Mind: If you want to be cuddled, don’t expect him to do so just because you think he should, Let him know, telling him, ‘I need a hug right now’ is not an offense. Men are not minded readers, so if you have a specific need let him know. 

10. Trying To Change Him: He is who he is, take it or leave it. Don’t criticize and make him feel stupid. Say something that makes him feel good and inspires him to make that change on his own, for example, “You look really hot in that outfit but it would be even hotter with those loafers instead.”

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Top Comments
eyamasu · 07/1/2020
God bless this author, u're right on point
StanleyOkoro_10 · 07/15/2020
I just walked away from that kind of relationship last week.
ChrispinMuchanga · 07/13/2020
point lovely
Chummy22 · 07/12/2020
Yes I got it all 100% but number 9. is 110% right about most women

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