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See What Pastor Reno Omokri Said About People Who Marry Because Their Friends are Marrying

Whenhow24 06/29/2020

The pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Centre and Free Leah Sharibu convener Reno Omokri has done what he knows how to do - dropping wisdom and inspirational quotes to his followers.

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This time he took his official social media accounts to advice his followers on marriage. He wrote that marriage is not a fad or an age grade institution and at such people should not marry because their mates are marrying.

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"If you marry because your mates are marrying, will you also die because they are dying? Marriage is not a fad, or an age grade institution. It is a lifelong commitment that you must enter into only because you are ready. Not because you are jealous" he wrote.

Bemigho Reno Omokri is an author and lawyer known for using social media to propagate the gospel and giving wisdom and inspirational quotes. Omokri was the host of Transformation with Reno Omokri, a Christian teaching TV show broadcast on San Francisco's KTLN and Detroit's Impact Network.

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