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Can Ladies Be Faithful To One Man In A Relationship If He Goes Poor - Opinion

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Can Ladies be faithful to one man in a relationship if he goes poor ?

For the purpose of this article, we will be limiting the meaning of some words to fit the title of our article.

Relationship is simply a union between two people, a male and a female. According to popular belief it is the duty of the man to provide for his household. It is even said a man who can not provide for his household is worse than an infidel.

This has made so many women, husband dependent. Yes they believe it is the duty of the man to go out and work for the money, and finance the home, while they on the other hand should spend or should we say manage the money for the family.

There have been several stories of ladies who are known as fair weather ladies, they only stay when the going is good. Some refer to them as gold diggers who bolt when there is no longer any gold to dig for.

When they bolt, they leave the man whom they have been with, and they give excuses like 'i was not born to suffer', in some cases, the women leave children behind and run after other men leaving the man to survive alone with the children.

This brings us to the scope of our study which is, in a situation where the man who is probably courting a lady goes poor, or can no longer meet the financial responsibilities of the household, can the woman stay Faithful to the man?

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For a lady who believes it is the duty of the man to make the money and take care of the family, is there any hope or possibility that she will remain faithful to her man and stick with him till he gets back on his feet.

Well, in my humble opinion and submission, it is possible but very rare. Like earlier said, there are many fair weather ladies who only want to stay as long as the going is good. Should the tides change, they change with the tides and hop on to the nearest soft grounds.

Well let's hear your own opinion on the subject matter.

The photos used are simply for illustrative purpose and is credited to the internet.

Opinion post.

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