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How to build your audience on opera news or any other online platform

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Good day Real_gist lovers!

I hope you all are good. Well, I want to believe so.

Now, back to the main matter. You have something to offer- let’s say a business, an idea or an initiative (whether profitable or not);you need to learn how to build your audience for greater profile or for profit, whatever the case may be.

Source for those that will pay or do anything to listen to you. The truth is, they are out there, looking for you and hoping that you show up one day and help them, though they may not know that they need YOUR help now until you start doing what I will teach you now.

1. Understand the market you intend to dominate. 

Is it Relationship, Business, Entrepreneurship, Family life, News, Fictionor script writing etc? Source for top personnel’s in your field of interest and follow them, read their materials, copy their routines until you become as good as them.

 Try to Know your onions. Let’s assume you want to go into skin care products, you must know at least 80% about skin care and cosmetology before you can teach and sustain an audience. Make sure you master that topic until you can teach it even when you are woken up from sleep.

2. Learn how to sell (yourself or your product).

Now I will give different examples. For instance Dufil foods will say 'buy one carton of indomie noodles and get one free pack inside of it', 'buy two cartons and get one free' etc. That is called Promotion. Know that some people like free things and this strategy will make you get their attention until they are ready to sacrifice anything to get your product.

So, for a platform like Opera News, give your readers or followers too much package in one article. Make them appreciate your work and want to always read more. 

Go out of your way to give them the best information or make them feel welcome.

Never write on what you are not sure about just because you want to make money. A lot more can happen beyond Opera News, you could get more writing contracts or appointments beyond this platform. So, every article you write is your signature out there.

Also, getting an award from Opera News boosts your profile.

3. Dare to be different.

Try to make your work different. It can be through pictorial illustrations, steadfastness or availability to always reply your customers or followers' comment. These days, people don’t want to wait for long especially if there are other options, so 24hours will be too much to wait for a reply.

When you read other creator's work, don’t only take note of they unique thing they did, rather take note of the unique thing they did not do. It is the unique thing they did not add to their work that will make your work different. Aim for the best, not the biggest. 

When people see value, money will come.

4. Master the art of creating content (whether Opera News or any business at all). You must give daily contents.

Work on your caption or headline. Your headline determines how many people will follow you or read your works. Let it be captivating. If you are a stylist, snap credit worthy pictures. Don’t upload your worst work, always show up with the best package because the whole world can see it. It travels as far as America, London, Spain etc. just through the internet, so ask yourself, how will I dress or look if I was traveling to London physically.

If you are a public speaker, go and learn phonics. Then master the correct mouth movement for any speech you are giving.

Your social media account must always reflect whatever business you do.

5. Market your business unashamedly.

Use any platform you have on social media. Ensure that you upload contents at least once weekly. If you write, upload an article every week for people to read and see your works. Always show proofs of your works or testimonies from people about how your business helped them.

Ensure you do live conversations on what you do, on social media often. You can also invite like-minded fellows to join you do live interactions (virtually or otherwise).

As a writer, by now you should have at least one E-book. It boosts your profile.

6. Always look for means to help your audience or followers. For instance, if you sell honey. Create a content of the manifold benefits of honey and share with people daily or weekly on social media. You will keep getting likes, from there you are building a strong network of customers or followers.

7. Learn to own your own space.

Avoid plagiarism or trying to spoil another bloggers work. If you are a blogger, your followers are your customers. Whatever you do or give out to them should be strictly yours.

8. Appreciate your customers every time.

You are not the only writer or blogger; try to always greet your followers and even say thank you to them for reading your work and for every other engagement they do. In order to be called a writer, you need readers. For instance, I always ensure to greet or appreciate everyone who clicks on Real_gist articles. It encourages them to go extra mile for you and even advertise your business or articles. And since I started this appreciation method, my followers have increased sporadically. Thank you Real_gist tribe.

Everyone who brings out their money or data for you, deserves accolades.

9. Always top up your game.

Don’t give your customers or followers less than what you have been giving them. Never disappoint them. Be on the look out for them. They are the reason your business has not folded up.

10. Don’t attempt to cheat them.

Writers, your headlines should not be different from your content. Ensure to always be loyal. Integrity is key. As a content Creator, if your lies are more than your truth then you are doomed. For instance, you tell your customers you sell original human hair, even show pictures of human hair but when they order it, they get synthetic. You have lost an opportunity for ten new customers or followers, and for one bad thing you do, you need at least twelve good things to erase it. So, don’t just toe the lies path. Your 'yes' should be worth it. Don’t give them spoilt products too.

I hope this helped, if it did, please SHARE and SHARE. Also follow Real_gist. 

I am committed to giving you the best. Thank you, you rock!

Source: opera.com
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