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See what Anthony martial Said About Their Match.

ChallyTravis 06/24/2020

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Manchester United has done it again as they have won their match against Sheffield United and are now 49 points on the premier league table foam.

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All goals where scored by Anthony martial, scoring 3 goals in a match against there rivals Sheffield United, and put a smile on the face of Manchester United fans.

After their match against Sheffield United, Martial was questioned in the afterwards interview about how he feels about 3 goals scored by him, in one match here are his replys.

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I feel good about what we did out their today, it's an amazing feeling to play and win with 3 goals in a match.

We did it me and my team not just me, it's our corporation that made us successful in the play vs Sheffield United, thank you.

So now they've added another point to the making, with Anthony martial making it possible.

Not that they are now 49 points I hope they maintain their score.

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