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Chelsea Vs Leicester City Statistics And Possible Line Up

Travis02 06/28/2020

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Leicester City will be hosting Chelsea today in the FA cup quarter final match. It's going to be a tough match for both teams as both teams are looking forward to winning the cup as it is their last hope of wearing silverware this season. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Chelsea and Leicester city has met twice this season in the premier league, with both games ending in a draw. But this time around, there must be a winner as only one club is required to progress to the next round of the FA cup. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Let's take a look at their head to head Statistics below:

01/02/2020: Leicester City 2-2 Chelsea

18/08/2019: Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City

12/05/2019: Leicester City 0-0 Chelsea

22/12/2018: Chelsea 0-1 Leicester City

18/03/2018: Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea

17/03/2018: Leicester City 0-0 Chelsea

13/01/2018: Chelsea 0-0 Leicester City

09/09/2017: Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea

14/01/2017: Leicester City 0-3 Chelsea

15/10/2016: Chelsea 3-0 Leicester City

20/09/2016: Leicester City 2-4 Chelsea

15/05/2016: Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City

14/12/2015: Leicester City 2-1 Chelsea

29/04/2015: Leicester City 1-3 Chelsea

23/08/2014: Chelsea 2-0 Leicester City

18/03/2012: Chelsea 5-2 Leicester City

31/10/2007: Chelsea 4-3 Leicester City

11/01/2004: Leicester City 0-4 Chelsea

23/08/2003: Chelsea 2-1 Leicester City

02/02/2002: Leicester City 2-3 Chelsea

13/10/2001: Chelsea 2-0 Leicester City

From the head to head statistics above, Chelsea are the clear favorite to win the match.

Line up: Let's take a look at how Chelsea may line up in today's game. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Here is how Chelsea may line up in today's match, since it's a cup match definitely Tammy Abraham will start ahead of Olivier Giroud in the attacking frontline.

Now let's take a look at how Leicester City may line up.

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Though it's a cup match, but Brendan Rodgers who is desperate for a title this season, will definitely name a strong team to face Chelsea in today's FA cup quarter final match.

Who do you think will qualify to play Manchester United in the semi finals, Chelsea or Leicester?

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Top Comments
Chaplet · 06/28/2020
Chelsea will surely qualify to face man u
Sportsnewsman · 06/28/2020
FeleyKracker · 06/28/2020
for sure Chelsea must win

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