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Edo State Governorship Election: Fake News, A Source Of Concern.

Ikemba 06/24/2020

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As preparations for the Edo state governorship election gathers momentum. The rising political tension in the state, most caused by fake news. Has continued to be a source of concern.

If urgent action isn’t taken to correct the trend, it might end up negatively affecting the political space of the state. It has become a trend that whenever the conduct of an election is at hand, the spread of fake news becomes the order of the day. 

With edo state now preparing for another governorship election, the rate of fake news especially on social media, has assumed a frightening dimension. This has continued to raise cause for concern. Especially the damage it’s already causing. The use of social media to spread fake news, which are aimed at destroying the political peace in the state. Is very disheartening.

The edo state governorship election is bill to hold September 19 2020. What do you think should be done to stop fake news in the country?

Source: opera.com
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