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What part of your body suffers most in a relationship journey (views).

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This is like a question or a statement,but both requires an answer to help others planning on this journey have a clear knowledge.

Relationship can be a like a mother and daughter or father and son,also sister and brother.

That's not the relationship we mean, instead we are looking at the relationship between a man and a woman,whom are planning for marriage,or are just on dating floor.

Many people sometimes are into a relationship that doesn't meant for them,just because he or she sees something flashy and then dive into it and later regrets.

A relationship is not something you just walk into because you are in love.its a journey you must study well before making a step,just one wrong step then you are off the track.thats why many people in a relationship end up getting married to someone else.

Every one has his it her experience in a relationship,that's why the question comes,what part of your body suffers most?

It can be your brain,due to thinking about the outcome of the relationship you are into,or it can be your heart because you are not sure if the person is the right one,and every small problem you will develop heart break.

So let's see your own opinions and views in the comments section below.

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