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The Hypocrisy Of the black and the white

Boligo86 06/29/2020

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I was opportune to watch the game between Chelsea and Manchester city at Stamford bridge live on tv a game Chelsea won by 2-1 which of course boost their chances of finishing in the top four come the end of the season. That is not what I want to talk about. Just before the game started, players and officials of both teams knelt in tribute to George Floyd, an African - American that was unscrupulously killed by a white police officer some weeks ago. At this point I was asking myself "is this for real?" Good a thing i was not the only person but others with me had to voice it out. Does our lives matter to these people and to us the black race hmmmmm. Honestly I don't think so. All I see in their actions is pretence and simulacrum.

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Racism did not start the day George Floyd was racially killed, it will not stop today and I don't see it going away anytime soon. The unjust murder of George Floyd no doubt had received a wide demonstration across the street of USA and other part of the world which Africa is not left out. In all these,all I see is HYPOCRISY especially on the side of the blacks.

The white man has always seen himself as a superior being to the white. They have always taken us as slaves after all they are still engaged in modern day slavery. If truly that black lives matter to them, why do they conspire with our leaders to rob us off the natural resources God has bless us with and leave us to die of hunger,why is it that they have always taken the best and give us the second best. They come to us with their sugar coated tongue and fake promises. They have never done anything for us without taking my more than double of what they did. They force almost everything they believe in on us not minding if it suites us or not. Until they March their words with their actions, their unsolicited demonstrations is totally unacceptable.

On the other hand, the blacks shamelessly joined the demonstrations, what an irony. The same black that is as wicked as wickedness. The same black man that killed his own brother and take over his wife and properties,the same black man that armed his fellow blacks to kill other blacks just for him to get power and once at the corridor of power supplies illicit drugs to the one he had armed to destroy his life. Once in position of power he carts away public fund and starch them in foreign bank account. I can go on and on and on. You see, the black race lacks the moral to protest against the killing of one of it's own.

The black race therefore should first fight against the oppression and killing of the blacks by fellow blacks, especially by our so called leaders. Unless these is done,we cannot demonstrate against the killing of blacks by the whites.

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