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Singles, don't rush into Marriage please

Joycespeaks 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I plead with to all singles, in the name of God,please for God sake, seek the Lord, Pray, fast, wait patiently to hear direct from God before you consider any guy or lady for marriage or before you say YES to any marriage proposal before you go ahead and marry the guy or the lady.

For God sake, am not referring to third parties such as your Pastor, Prophet, Your Parents, Your devoted friend in Christ that hear from God...... to receive from God for you to consider a guy or lady as spouse for marriage. Am referring to Self - direct hearing from the Lord personally .... Receive from God by Yourself, see the Revelation by Yourself Your Pastor, Prophet, Parent should be confirmation of your Spiritual convictions from God not your psychology convictions. When you base your convictions on your psychology, is possible you miss it.

Focus more on the present and the future of the person, don't hold on to the past after all you have received your convictions from God Personally, don't dwell in the past and present state of the guy or lady to consider marriage, neither good or bad,

Nobody see next seconds, talkless of seeing or determing Tomorrow, anybody can change positively and greatly in the next seconds or Tomorrow

Like I normally say, *Marriage is not a rushing

center, Don't rush* *irrespective of your past,present or what you're seeing ahead of you, DON'T RUSH. You need to be prayerful and wait patiently,NOT RUSHING*

Marriage is a choice you make, is not just like clothes and shoes you can just change or throw away just like that, Marriage goes beyond that,

*Marriage goes deepest, widest and so on. I don't likethis cloth or shoe, let me change it and pick another one, ohhhhhhh My dear, marriage is not like that, Christian Marriage is a Permanent and stable mission.

_My dear, don't go with the multitude, that if it doesn't work well, you will go out there and get someone to keep outside and be loving, or you will go for divorce and choose another person_ hey,never have such thoughts or mindset, if you see and know what those who went into marriage with this mindset are facing you will pity them, it not easy for them now, their marriage, life, destiny is experiencing hell now, Pls don't have such mindset,

Follow the Lord plans for your life and be patience.

Please, *Get it right once, marriage is life on it own that is why is lifetime race*

#Blissful relationships

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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AsuakoAmoakoYaw · 07/8/2020
Thanks for the insight given in this article, nice piece of work and advice,... Please keep it up ☝

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