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See the bizarre traditional Korean wine that's made from human faeces

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Ttongsul" is a Korean rice wine mixed with the fermented faeces of a human child. It has an alcoholic content of around 9 percent. Little is known about the origins of what is surely one of the world's most bizarre and gag-inducing medicines. Ttongsul was produced in two ways. One involved submerging a bamboo stick in a chamber-pot containing faeces and alcohol before being left for several months to ferment. A quicker method involved mixing alcohol and feces directly for several days before giving it to the patient. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The recipe for Ttongsul, a cure-all medicinal drink believed to make cuts and bruises disappear, heal broken bones and cure epilepsy, is made from rice wine and the fermented faeces of young children. While Ttongsul has been in decline since the last half century, a few traditionalists have managed to keep the cultural beverage alive.

The curative powers are not only to be found in human poop, but also from various animals. What particular problem ailed you would determine which kind of poop wine you would reach for on the pharmacy shelf. They used bat faeces to treat alcoholism, chicken faeces for stomach ailments and so on. Traditional Korean medicine used faeces a lot. For broken bones and cuts, human faeces is always the best choice.

Intrigued, I carry out research to discover if the rumors were true and to my astonishment I found a traditional Korean medicine doctor who claims to be one of the last people who knows how to make "faeces wine." Dr. Lee Chang.

Dr. Lee, who still brews the wine himself for patients, says he is very picky about what poop he uses in the medicinal making process. I normally get feces from a child who is between 4 and 7 years old, said Dr. Lee I keep the faeces refrigerated for 3 or 4 days. Because of human rights, issues I cannot get children’s faeces on my own, Lee added. I got this faeces with the help of a young and open-minded mother.

Lee feels that this old style of medicine should be brought back to the general public and expressed sadness that it is no longer accepted as a legitimate medical solution. He also feels that eastern medicine doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Korean doctors still research and develop eastern medicine because it’s as good as western medicine. Despite it’s odor, our ancestors never thought human faeces was filthy and human faeces wine has been known for many generations. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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