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Igbos Living Abroad Find It Difficult To Empower Those At Home

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You might disagree with me and that's fine. 

Edo folks are known to have at least one family member overseas.

Before the incessant migration to other countries became the in-thing with Nigerians, it has been a tradition for Edo families to have that 'hustling' Aunty, Brother, Uncle, based in Europe or America. 

While fending for their individual families from there, they make sure to pass the baton to their siblings or kinsmen. Whatever it takes to come over and make a living, they make it happen.

For example:

Several references have been made about the Edo girls prostitution ring taking over roadsides in Italy back in the day, but when you sieve out the sordid nature of the business, you discover that the motive behind their large presence on the streets of Italy was just them extending a helping hand to their own. Making it as a bunch regardless of the hazards involved.

It's not the best example, I know, I just want you to see the underlying reason for that scandal, which most people don't often see when they negatively tag Edo girls prostitutes.

Edo folks are not selfish when it comes to passing the rope in whatever trade they ply abroad. I know a lot of them.

Once Osazuwa finds his feet, the next line of action is to bring Eronmonsele, Osarhen, Omoregie and Edoghogho. Full squad! Half the time, the chain of equal opportunities passed down yields multiple successes. That's why Edo folks usually build empires in groups.

Yorubas picked up on this act of sojourning faraway as a community. The reason why they've succeeded in forming a colony in London, taking their owambe life there, to the point of having their own streets and neighbourhoods in another man's land. 

Without sentiments, my focal point is the Igbos.

It's hardly in the Igbo man's agenda to empower his own with regards to showing the way out of this shithole of a country.

All the golden opportunities embedded in travelling adventures are for his kids and unborn grand kids. 

I say this with so much pain in my heart because I know a thousand and one examples that are not far-fetched. 

A typical Igbo man that has gotten his break abroad, more often than not will lock up!

Protecting his reign in the village as the only odogwu akataka, and not wanting to be usurped by hustle-spirited youths around him will ensure that they never know the ins and outs of his abroad success, the process.

He'll continue to dribble you until you give up on your dreams of finding a way out of Nigeria.

The most you will get from him are occasional palliatives, stuff like soaps and biscuits from America, backed with endless promises to fix you up when the time comes. 

And if you must be recipients of his help, best believe you're coming along to serve him under the worst condition, or be left in the biting cold.

Those Igbo niggas hustling in China, Malaysia, a lot of them met themselves there and had to forge a brotherhood. Only a few of them were given a helping hand by their predecessors who had achieved stability. As most Igbo folks are of the mindset that, the way I suffered, you should also suffer to get to my position. Their hearts are set on those December village trips which they make from abroad in grand style, just to see villagers chase after their benz on dusty roads, deeming themselves Eze ego America of the year.

It is appalling that we Igbos are this selfish to ourselves. 

So sickening how stinginess and self-glorification rules my people when they make it. And please, one or two exceptional abroad Uncles and Aunties that you know doesn't cut it in the scheme of things.

And please again, spare me the cliché entitlement line. That talk goes against everything that humanity stands for. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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GUEST_MQk21WyoP · 07/4/2020
stupid ur hatred for Igbo will not allow u to see d light
NwuzorMeks · 06/29/2020
stupid write up, my own bro took me abroad , shame to u

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