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Just For Fun: This Letter To 'Lee Min Ho' Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

LoveofGod99 06/25/2020

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"Lee Min Ho" is one of the best and cutest Korean actor. He is popularly known as "ku Jun pyo" in his popular movie known as Boys Before flowers. His looks alone do drive some lady crazy as they will always want to watch any Movie acted by him

Recently, a viral letter has been circulating the internet warning him (Lee Min Ho) to leave their girlfriends alone.

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The letter read thus:


Dear Oppa,

I am writing this letter to you on Behalf of the Boyfriend Association Of Nigeria branch: home of fun (HOF)

Lee, your appearance on screen alone has caused a lot of damages to our relationships. Infact you are a threat to Nigeria boyfriends. Infact I'll say you are a pandemic to our relationship because you've killed thousand of relationship in the past few days.

I want you to know that;

"It's fine that you're fine, you are not God" I also want you to know that this life is vanity. All of us will wear white long garment when we get to heaven and nobody will be fine than each other.

Apart from your curly hair, smooth skin and pink lips that's softer than today's bread, I don't see what you have told we don't have. We are just blacks, we didn't kill anyone, Black lives matters. Our girlfriends no longer post our pictures as Mcm or Mcw, it's now your pictures we see on their status everyday. Even some of them still caption your pictures as their MCM, the only time they post our pictures is when they need 2k urgently.

I am in severe pain as I am writing this letter to you. My girlfriend has been posting your pictures day in day out since on Monday, but I am a strong man, I leave you for God.

Stop making us feel as if we are not good for our girlfriends, please leave our girlfriends alone

Your's faithfully


Chairman, BAN"

See the post below

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As a girl do you love "Lee Min Ho' more than your boyfriend?

As a guy, does your girlfriend always share pictures of 'Lee Min Ho'?

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EstherAkrofi · 06/26/2020
eiiii niger boys😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 u dey suffer papa
CrystalChukwu · 06/25/2020

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