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Vaseline With Vitamin Can Change Your Skin Overnight

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Vaseline is one of the most effective and cheapest skin salves around. People have been using it for decades to treat everything from cracked skin to diaper rash. the allergy risk is low, and it's more effective at treating and preventing dry skin than creams and lotions.

Vitamin E oil is both a nutrient and an antioxidant that helps to rejuvenate your skin. These vitamin E oil benefits could do wonders for you skin.

Vitamin E oil is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that can rejuvenate your skin and overall health. It encompasses a group of eight compounds that include both tocopherols and tocotrienols. Vitamin E oil in its purest form is extremely versatile.

Vaseline and vitamin E oil, are widely used in daily skin care routine. Both of them are individually good for your skin and offer many benefits but have you ever tried combination of these two. The two combine together can bring magic to your skin.

How To Mix The Two Together

1. Take 2 table spoon of Vaseline put it in a clean bowl

2. Add the vitamin E oil

3. Mix them very well until they both are mixed very well.

4. You can easily store this cream in any plastic container up to 1 month (Store it in refrigerator)

Uses And Benefits Of This Cream

1. Very effective for under eye dark circles and puffy eyes. Just apply this cream on your under eye area and leave it overnight.

2. Very effective for dark spots and blemishes as this cream is rich in vitamin

3. You can use this as an anti wrinkle treatment overnight. Apply this cream all over your wrinkles and leave it overnight. Vaseline will hydrate your skin very well and soon wrinkles will disappear.

4. Apply this on cracked heels and cover them with socks. Leave it overnight

5. You can use this cream on your eyebrows and they will stay in shape Apply this on your lips and they will never become dry

6. It also act as your moisturizers, use it to moisturizes your skin especially those with dry skin.

7. During night you can use this cream as body lotion for hands and feet.

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ChinyereInnocent · 06/25/2020
where can I find the vitamin e oil
bloodofJesus · 07/4/2020
I have try it and it really work for me
GUEST_q6K7zpXov · 06/25/2020
you can get the vitamin oil in some pharmacy selling provision and body lotions.or body lotion store.
IsaDavFad · 06/25/2020
where can I get the vitamin E

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