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Steps on how to get 10k clicks And more

Joejecilengendary1 06/29/2020

Here there welcome to my article I know what you are looking for you want 10k clicks well no more problems now let's get started

These are step by step training


1. Think First.

You must have a good article yes you must think of what you can write about I know is not that easy but first think what will people like to click on

Well for is really hard no joke because the article to write about pls also beware of some rules yes there are rules that needs to be pursused so follow them and start thinking of your articles .

2.catchy headline.

You must have a catchy headline, like for instant if you are dealing on politics you can't be complete without writing about OSHIMOLE ,and OBASEKI , is what people like to read

so pls have a catchy headline.

Now we have come down to our last step pls I would like you to follow me and also do this step share, like, comment it helps a lot so here is our last step.

3.Good thumbnail.

See if you don't have a good thumbnail then my friends forget about it even I normally go for the pictures, so what trying to say good thumbnail good clicks and good clicks so let me show you must last article thumbnail, View pictures in App save up to 80% data. See catchy thumbnail and my headline, was about how to publish an article, right so in first few minutes I already have 18 clicks really great am sure by the next hour it will exceed more than, 10k clicks .

so that all and now this is my thumbnail, for this article. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. catchy right okay now don't forget to follow, like ,share , and comment this steps are important for me so you help I help you get more info bye for now.

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