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Effect of smoke every family most know and prevention

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This message is for all mothers, women and family who still practice the use of wood stove or fire wood burning for cooking.

Please read carefully and stay safe.

The smoke coming out of the woods you burn contain a chemical substance called carbon monoxide (Co).

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Smoke (Carbon monoxide) can not only be found in wood burning but aslo in stove, refuse burning and some various heating appliances.

 More than 150 people die annually from smoke (carbon monoxide ) poisoning related to the use of the use of home heating appliances and wood stove especially in the rural areas.

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The smoke coming from the woods many people are using is dangerous and some may smell nice but it very dangerous to the health. 

When cooking it is impossible for you to cook without inhaling some of the gas which is dangerous.

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It very poisonous that it causes irritation to the lungs and can cause the lungs to tear off. 

It's encourages certain deadly diseases such as asthma and can trigger asthma attacks. Inhaling excessive can cause stroke, heart attack , irregular heart rhythms and heart failure which many people may not even notice that they may have.

Who can be affected by carbon monoxide:

 Wood smoke or carbon monoxide can affect everyone children and teenagers, older adults. But people who with lungs diseases, including asthma or people with heart diseases are more vulnerable.


People who practice the use of wood stove should always cover their noses when cooking to prevent them from inhaling excessive amount of smoke.

When you notice the smoke is get much step away from the fire or put it out.

From people who uses stove ,they should may sure the stove is place near a window and all windows and doors are opened.

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