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‪National Secretary of Tinubu’s faction prevented from entering APC secretariat by police

MerryNews 06/25/2020

The crisis in the APC is no longer news. And it became more interesting when the President who is one of the leaders of the party pledged his allegiance to Mr. Victor Giadom.

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Victor Giadom who is judged by many political analyst as someone who has no legal right to become the Chairman of the party has got the backing of the president.

According to many, Hilliard Etta ought to be the person that will be declared the chairman as Ajimobi is sick. But it seems a lot of the governors are against Mr. Oshiomole.

Buhari, together with Osinbajo and some other people will be holding a meeting with Victor Giadom today and we await the outcome.

Giadom who has said the vote that got Ize-Iyamu as the party's candidate in Edo state is null and void will have a lot of explanations to do for the president.

Also, as the time of writing this, it has been confirmed on Channels TV that President Buhari has dissolved all form of litigation going on presently in the party.

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