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Things That You Do That Can Destroy Your Destiny.

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Every man on earth has a destiny which is what God want you to accomplished. That's your purpose in life. When you have achieved your destiny, then you can say that your life is a success.

But,there are somethings that one tends to do that can destroy ones destiny or delay it. When it happens, one will live in his or her own shadow.

In this article, I will discuss with us things that ones does that can destroy ones destiny.

Below are things you should avoid in other to save your destiny.

1: Living without vision and purpose: It is said that any living beings that doesn't have vision and purpose in life is a living dead. You can't make it in life if you don't have want you are pursuing. Most people don't have vision and inspirations which do destroy ones destiny.

2: Drug and Alcohol: Alcoholism and Drug have being one of the reason that have ruin the lives of many people. Most people had falling victim to alcohol addiction and act in the influence of it,which make them to drail from their purpose.

3: Sexual Immorality: Fornication,pornography, rape,masturbation, list and other immoral activities have being a medium by which the devil use to destroy one destiny.

4: Laziness: The said "no food for a lady man". If one have hatred for work,oversleeping, indolent lifestyle is very dangerous to man's life. For every man should be bold to work,he must be a man of the field,planting and harvesting for for his future. If one is lady and always on the bed,one may end up in poverty.

We all which work hard,because we will always get our reward for our work.

I hope this article is of help to you. Thanks for reading.

Source: opera.com
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