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Signs your partner is ready to handle a relationship

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If your significant other is flighty, cagey and doesn’t seem to want to open up, it may be a sign that they’re just not ready for a real relationship. The way to know if your partner is really ready to be in a relationship with you is the way they open up to you, how much vulnerabilities of their is been shown. This is a great sign whether they are ready to have a real relationship with you else look for someone better. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


Your partner should act and feel like a real person. You shouldn’t have to watch them put on a show for the people around you. Being authentic means being yourself and never try to fake who you are to prove anything to anyone. Once your partner is being theirselves at all times is a good sign they are ready for the relationship.


If something comes up or things don’t go their way, they’re able to handle it with grace rather than throwing a fit. Everything is just sufficient for them as God's time is the best for them and nothing comes as a rush for them. They take things slowly with you and don't rush you into doing things for them especially when you don't have the means.


Having a good physical intimate life is a pretty important part of having a mature relationship. If your partner always makes excuses when it comes to intimacy, then it might be that they don't wish to spend their life with you and you are just a fling to them and have no concrete space in their hearts.

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