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Reno: "If we want people to be good, we must start telling the truth about them when they die."

JPcreator 06/29/2020

Reno Omokri has once again issued his candid advice. He is a man that speaks when it matters. This time around, he has decided to drop his own advice to each and every one of us.

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On a tweet he made this evening, he said that we should stop the habit of lying about people when they die. He stated that if we want people to live better lives, that we should start telling the truth about the person when he or she dies.

He further stated that if a bad man knows that a lie is going to be told about him at his funeral, why would he bother to live a good life? He went ahead to urge every one to say the truth about people when they are alive and when they die aswell so that people will live better lives.

He made this disclosure on a tweet he made this evening on his verified twitter handle.

The full tweet could be seen below.

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Reno is a man that speaks out every time it matters. He always speaks out without any fear or favour. He is a man that has changed many lives positively with his inspirational words and actions.

He referred to himself as Buhari tormentor, because he has on several occasions criticized President Buhari and his APC led government.

He was a strong supporter of the former president Goodluck Jonathan, as he has served as a special assistant to former President Goodluck Jonathan on media.

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