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COVID-19: Lagos has 16% recovery rate even with facilities while other states 30-40% recovery rate

Mercymma 06/25/2020

I have been looking at the NCDC COVID-19 cases published each day. I have taken my time to study these data. I have observed the sequence and made observations.

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(Source: NCDC)

Look at the figures, almost all the states' recovery rate are between 30-40% . But Lagos, with all the attention, sophistication, and technical know-how has 16% recovery rate. Why should it be so?

If we should go with the sequence, Lagos should not have less than 3000 recovered patients. Here, it's just 1,457 out of 9,073 which is less than 20% . Although, some school of thought has argued that the recovery rate is low in Lagos because of low immune system. This is factored by stress, pollution and Lagos being a congested city.

The last time I checked, Lagos is not the only congested city in Nigeria. In terms of pollution, Rivers State should be leading. Even the air in Rivers is contaminated.

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(Source: NCDC)

Lagos residents might be stressed quite alright but Lagos has the best technical know-how in handling COVID 19 patients. I am not saying health workers in other states are not competent enough but Lagos have the best expertise. Little wonder Politicians who tested positive were taken to Lagos.

Lagos has the best facilities in Nigeria. For instance, you cannot compare facilities in Lagos State to Abia State yet, Abia recovery rate is around 35% .

On the other hand, If the recovery rate is based on the immune system like I earlier stated, the death rate in Lagos should be high. At the moment, the death in late in Lagos is around 1%. So, immune system is ruled out

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There are some school of that observed health workers in Lagos are under pressure compared to Workers in others states, where there are few cases. Considering the ratio of health workers to patients, it is likely to be true because, all the factors in all the states are not constant.

However, Lagos State has never complained they are short-staffed. Unless, we are talking about inadequate wherewithal to pay these health workers. However if the indices raised are actually the case, the death rate should have been increased. At the moment it is 137 out of 9000. It's less than 2% . In a normal setting, more people die if patients are not attended to by health workers. This reveals that it has nothing to do with health workers.

Lagos State, NCDC and all other States in Nigeria might have answers to why the Lagos State recovery rate is low compared to other state.

What do you think?

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