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Use This Powerful Psalms To Pray Before Going To Bed

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Prayer is the master key to everything, the devil is terrified when you pray, shouting the name of Jesus is a fear to him which shows us the power of prayer.

Satan is always happy when you don't pray, it gives him the avenue to bring problems and difficulties on your way which can make you lose focus

I believe you always pray, don't allow the devil to resist you from praying especially when there are problems, every day of your life needs more prayers.

Before you sleep tonight, here are the powerful secret psalms you must use to pray for God to guard you with his angels.

Psalms 31:3

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" For thou art, my rock and fortress; therefore for thy names sake, lead me and guide me

Prayers to pray

* Father as I am sleeping tonight, I want you to protect me because you are my refuge

* For thy names sake, lead and guide me in my sleeping tonight

Psalm 31:5

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"Unto thine hand, I commit my spirit, thou hast redeemed me, O Lord of truth

Prayer to pray

* God I commit my spirit to your hands this night

* Father redeem me with your precious blood

Psalm 3:7

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" Arise O Lord; save me, O my God, for thou hast smitten all mine enemies upon the cheek

Prayers to pray

* Arise, my God, save me from the hands of enemies tonight

* Father I want you to guard me with your angels tonight

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