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COVID-19: Interstates traveling and reopening of schools for final students allowed

Lustre_pen 06/29/2020

Today, 29th of June, 2020, the presidential task force on COVID-19's announced that the phase two ease of lockdown will continue for another four weeks with few modifications.

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After the modifications have been listed by the chairman of the task force, Boss Mustapha, the task coordinator of the task force, Dr. Dani Aliyu, went further to state and elaborate the modifications. 

The moderations are as follow:

1. The current nationwide curfew will remain

2. Maintenance of restrictions on large gatherings

3. Domestic aviation services will resume

4. Movement across state will be allowed

5. Students in graduating classes will be allowed to resume for preparations for exams

6. Federal and state governments' offices will maintain current time for opening, but only essential staff are allowed to resume

7. The use of facemask remained mandatory and will be enforced at all level. Access to Government and commercial offices will not be allowed if you do not use your facemask.

He went further to elaborate on the listed moderations. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

CURFEW: he stated that the curfew durations remain 10p.m. to 4a.m. People are allowed to go out for work and to buy necessary foods. They should, however, avoid unnecessary contacts and touches with people.

INTERSTATES TRAVELING: movements across states' borders will be allowed only outside curfew hours. The movements will be effective from 1st of July to allow the industry to prepare over the next 24hours. In particular, transportation industries expected to adhere to the Federal Ministry of Transportation safety protocols and Guidelines. 

INDUSTRY AND LABOUR: normal working hours will be maintained based on the curfew hours apart from governments' offices that have separate working hours schedule.

BANKING AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: they will operate normal working hours.

GOVERNMENT OFFICES: there is no specific change. The working hours remain 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for GL 14 officers and above.

PERSONALISED SERVICES: mechanics, saloon, etc., workers who owned a workshop and can clearly adhere to non-pharmaceutical interventions will be permitted to operate as well.

MARKET: there is no specific change to what we already have in phase two.

HOTELS, RESTAURANT AND EATERIES: there's no specific, but all mandatory non-pharmaceutical interventions must me adhered to. Restaurants to remain close for eating with strict cleanliness guidelines except for restaurant that are serving hotel residents. Bars, Gyms and Event centers and night clubs remain closed and that will be enforced.

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EDUCATION: all day cares and primary schools remain closed till further evaluation. Schools are encouraged to continue with E-learning and virtual teachings, but people may proceed to take National Common Entrance as soon as it is feasible, provided there is compliance with issued non-pharmaceutical interventions. 

FOR SECONDARY AND TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS: all schools to remain closed till further evaluation. Arrangements to be made for exiting graduating students in JSS3 and SS3 to resume at both boarding and day schools as soon as possible for intensive revision exercises. All Education establishments are to conduct exhaustive reviews to ensure compliance with the issued guidelines on COVID-19 before they open up. They will open up only for the purpose big exiting students. 

Arrangements will be made for students taking NABTEB and BECE exams, WASSCE (WAEC) and NECO exams respectively. All schools must comply with the six recommended steps and measures to be issued by the Federal Ministry of Education before any institution is reopened im the timeline to be provided.

CHURCHES AND MOSQUES: no specific change. Phase 2 guidelines and instructions remain.

RECREATIONAL PUBS/ COMMUNAL SPORTS: restrictions on communal sports remain, as well as restriction on recreational pubs.

FUNERALS AND WEDDINGS: there is no particular change. Funerals and weddings are limited to 20 people including close family member.

The extension of phase two has been recommended and approved by Mr. President with few modifications. Nigerians are hereby exhorted to comply strictly so that we can have positive outcomes. 

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