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Extra-Marital Affairs: The Ordeal Of A Typical Nigerian Side Chick

Raola 2d

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A Nigerian lady (name withheld) has advised married women to allow their husbands have not less than three girlfriends per year.

This was made known through her statement made available on the social media as she showed her displeasure over the issue of 'side chick'.

Extra marital affair is known to be a very serious issue in Nigeria as many marriages have suffered as a result of single ladies having secret relationships with married men or married women having secret relationships with other men outside their marriage.

The displeasure displayed by this lady was not out of the scope of the instance described above.

The Nigerian lady referred men as "one of the major mineral resources for feeding and living a better life for ladies."

She claimed that "Nigerian wives are so irritating and annoying" as "a lot of them slept with married men as single ladies."

She went further to advise wives to stop "cursing side chick" as she claimed that's one thing she would never do when she gets married.

According to the lady's message, though filled with grammatical errors, she's a single lady who serves as a 'side chick' to different married men. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

She said: "Nigeria does not have many minerals resources, married men is one of our major minerals resources for feeding and living a better life for us ladies. when am married if my husband has gf, (I) won't course (curse) her, I will even play with her.

"My mother never curse my father's gf. My mother use to play with them. Wives, please stop cursing side chick, ur (you're) cursing your daughters. Allow ur husband have at least 3 gf per year. Let things move, let money flow. The country is hard already.

"Any wife that course (curse) me, that course will go back to her 10 folds. Psalm 121. Psalm 30. Josh 1. God/ Jesus protect his own."

Source: opera.com
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