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Do these 3 things with water and get instant healing

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Some of our people think meeting pastors, priests, Imams etc. is the only way they can receive miraculous healing for their sickness. But that is not how it is in truth.

What you need is just the right message from God. In the Bible, there are instances where people received complete healing through water.

So, water is a medium of spiritual power foe health. But most people are pissed when they are exposed to the miraculous power of healing which water can carry.

Irrespective of the source of water, it can carry what the same power of healing. You simply need to withdraw your arrogance and be open to the power this article is exposing to you today.

If you will be humble and follow the below steps, you will experience the spiritual power of Holy Water to heal sicknesses.

1. Fetch about 20 litres of clean water.

2. Open it and pray these simple prayers:

* Jehovah, have mercy on me. I am a sinner. I promise to show mercy to those who have offended me.

* In the name of Jesus, I beg you Jehovah to release your healing upon this water, Amen.

3. Fetch the water in a cup and drink as often as you deem necessary. Then go take a thorough bath with the quantity you think is enough for you.

That is it!

Biblical Insights on Water

The Jordan River, where Naaman was told to “wash [himself] seven times” to get instant healing for an embarrassing leprosy disease on his skin (2 Kings 5:10), was the primary source of water in the ancient Near East and is the most well-known river in the Bible.

Joshua 3 records the parting of the waters of the Jordan so the Israelites could enter the land of Promise.

Twice the waters of the river were parted in 2 Kings 2 (vs 8, 14) when they were struck with the cloak of Elijah.

In the New Testament, John the Baptist baptized believers in Jesus and even Christ Himself in the Jordan (Matthew 3:6, 13–17).

Water, if prayed upon, mediates strong spiritual power.

Follow these instructions believing Jehovah is God.

In the name of Jesus, I declare that your healing and that of your loved ones is certain.

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PrinceFaroukUmarEri · 07/1/2020
Only if u are born again.... U have to be in God ohhh... Some people pray everyday but still sin against God and man.... My broda if u are not holy and have a gud heart u go pray tire ohh..
+234-906173**** · 07/1/2020
JegedeStanley · 06/30/2020
Amen thanks a lot
+234-805897**** · 06/30/2020

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