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3 Reasons You Should Avoid This Online Business

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The COVID'19 pandemic have made people to start devising new means of making money. Most businesses have been forced to shut down while some can only work from home. Business isn't the same anymore and people are finding more means to make money. It's however sad that some wicked people are using the pandemic as a means to preach some online business which most of them are only organised to cart away your money. 

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This online business usually involves investing your money without buying or selling anything and you'll be promised 50% or more returns in a particular period of time. If you love yourself and want to protect the little money you have left, please invest in legitimate and business with physical presence so you'll know who to hold if anything goes wrong, let me give you three reasons you must avoid this online business:

1. Loss of Funds

The point is these people are smart and understand human psychology, so you won't lose your money at the first trial. You remember MMM, you know how many people lost millions to the scheme. They know there's greediness in human nature and are ready to explore this weakness. So they will allow you win a couple of times and convince you to invest more before carting away with your money. I know what you are thinking, I'll just do it two times and stop. Trust me, the last time is when you get burnt.

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2. Loss of reputation

This kind of business usually involves you bringing referrals. So, you refer your friends, business partners, families, and work associates to join and they all lose money. What do you think that will do to your reputation? It will ruin it. No one will want to do business with you anymore even when it is legitimate. Also, remember a good name is better than gold and silver. Well, in case you decide to risk your money, try not to convince others to lose theirs.

3. You bear the risk alone

When it finally all goes wrong, you'll discover that you have no one to hold. The person who referred you tells you someone referred him and in the long run, you'll discover there's actually no one to answer for the loss, that is when you know you have been scammed. Ask those who did Tweezers, some of them are still staring at their "audio money" on their dashboard. There's no one to pay it. In the long run, you'll only have yourself to blame because some guys just holed up in an apartment to arrange the whole thing.

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The point remains that you try and make an honest investment. Don't get me wrong, cryptocurrency and stock market are legitimate ones even though they are high risk investment, you always know what you are getting into and the cards are in your hands. Also, you can recover your money from trading them. But anything that involves money doubling, stay away so it doesn't end in tears.

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AnnIfeyinwa · 06/26/2020
Thanks for your good advice. Yes, I agreed with you, most of them are only organized to cart away our money.

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