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The Robots have arrived in Nigeria but the question is are we ready for them

BensonSam 06/29/2020

The Robots have arrived at the NigeriaN NnamduAzikiwe international airport. Never to the point of being in a financial fix, before you understand the robot are here to take over the Jobs, the human power will soon turn into Robots power.

We all know the story of robots through movies and books, we also might had watch movies where robots took over the world and start fighting against humanity it creator. This is the beginning of robots in Nigeria as they arrive at the airport.

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This means that more robot will give us more lay offs, more Joblessness and more unemployment. Wake up to the new reality and know that technology is taking over the world and the world is not awareof this.

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Soon we will start using them as we use Android phones. Soon their will start having versions of them.

Robots will soon start driving our children to school.

Robots will soon start cooking our food and bed sitting our children. They will soon start trying to do our daily routine, and what are we going to say.

The big question is this are we really ready for this?

Source: opera.com
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