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"Phyno Warned Him, But He Doesn't Listen" - What Phyno Said To Hushpuppi Sometimes Ago

MastermindX2 06/25/2020

Raymond Igbalodely popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi is a Nigerian born on 14th June in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is a Malaysian-base-Nigerian and also called Gucci Master, because of his love for Gucci bags, clothing and footwear.

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Earlier today, Dubai police released a video on how they traced and arrested Hushpuppi and his gang in their apartment in Dubai, ever since the video surfaces on the internet, it has been trending on Twitter as many people can't stop talking about it. 

The news broke on Twitter along with a video which went viral showing a fleet of police cars supposedly surrounding the home of Hushpuppi in the UAE where he resides.

According to reports - which remained sketchy - Hushpuppi and Woodberry were allegedly involved in a multi-million dollar US fraud scheme targeting the unemployment insurance system. It was also reported that Hushpuppi and his squad have scammed over 1.9 million people. 

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In a song which Phyno was featured together with Olamide sometimes ago (Telli person), where he stated in the music lyrics that Hushpuppi doesn't have a legit work, but his flaunting his wealth and rocking expensive Gucci wears. Now he has been arrested in Dubai and what Phyno said has came to past. 

You can watch the video of the arrest HERE

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Top Comments
REASON · 06/25/2020
Yoruba's Should Get Sense Like Igbos And Stop Feeling As If They Are Wiser Or Ancestrally better than Igbo Nation, Why flaunting wealth as if you its a Genuine wealth you foolish
babaNLA · 06/25/2020
you no get work u just dey show money I don't know if am right with the lyrics
MãrsFîxït · 06/25/2020
ebere adiro ya imakwana ebere adiro ya enye gi isi fish nye gi isi meat inwere makana uru adiro ya aka m adiro ya nekwe abum aji adiro ya
Offkid · 06/25/2020
When the time is right my broda oo Telli person Telli person Dem no dey telli person

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