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Civil Servants, Appreciate Udom Emmanuel For The decision Not To cut Workers Salary over Covic 19.

Elijahhenryekpo 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Civil Servants In The State, has express profound appreciation to Governor Udom Emmanuel, for the decision not to cut workers salary over covic 19 pandemic.

The announcement, was made by the head of civil service, elder Effiong Essien.

That the state government, will not cut workers salary in the state.

The chair person, who joined the public service negotiation council.

comrade Tina Essien, said that the decision will further strengthen, the workers effeciency and also amplifier the comfident of the workers, in Governor Udom Emmanuels administration.

and she further thanks His Excellency, Mr Udom Emmanuel.

unbehave of the workers in Akwa Ibom state, for saying no to salary cut of the workers in the state, because that would have brought untold hardship to the workers, considering the on going covic 19 pandemic in the country.

She further said, that the labour leades, are very very happy including her self for the fact that the state governor, is not having any intention of cutting down the workers salary in the state.

She added that this will further motivate the workers for high productivity, and for this reason, workers and the labour leaders, appreciate the governor, for assuring them that he will on no reason tempered with their salary over covic 19 pandemic.

I the writer, personally appreciate the state governor for his unprecedented gesture.

Source: opera.com
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ChristianUdoh_03 · 06/25/2020
what about people that are in other sector like decorator printers photography private teacher and the rest how do those ones survive since the breaking of corona virus that last over 4 month now or are those categories of people are not citizens in the state, why must government only concentrate on civil savant as if this state is a civil service state

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