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Ease of Lockdown; Inter-State Ban Lifting, Flights Resumption May Take Effect on Monday

Warrinewsupdate 06/28/2020

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The Presidential taskforce on covid19 will takes decision on the lifting of interstate movement ban and domestic flights resumption on Monday.

It should be recalled that the presidential taskforce on covid19 reiterated that the Federal Government will be opening the airspace this month end and also decide on the lifting of the ban on interstate movement.

Flights operators on Saturday carried out a test run of their flights in preparation for the resumption of flights operation.

The Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sidika and the PTF team on Saturday, conducted a dry run test at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos ahead of the recommencement of flights and expresses their satisfaction.

The President is still in dilemma over the lifting of the ban on interstate movement due to the rising new cases of the coronavirus in Nigeria as the Chairman of the presidential taskforce on covid19 reiterated that a second lockdown is inevitable.

The Presidential taskforce on covid19 has said that there is no way the airspace will be reopen for flights operation without lifting the ban on interstate movement.

Nigerians are optimistic that the ban on interstate movement will be lifted by Monday as the airspace will be reopen for flights operation.

The interstate movement ban had greatly affected businesses nationwide.

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Top Comments
+234-0703556**** · 06/28/2020
The locking of interstate has given d opportunities to Nigerian police to be getting money from d people, seriously is too much, do u know from Lagos to edo, d driver spent 38k on d road for d police, seriously we need deliverance in this country. Government should stop dis people from collecting money,is too much. Then pls govt loft d ban on d interstate. thanks sir
+234-803943**** · 06/28/2020
Reopening the borders is long overdue. Locking down the country indefinitely is not the solution. Government should put measures and enforce them to ensure that road transportation is not impeded while safety isn't compromised. Transporters should operate from designated parks only where health officials will be available to test passengers whose number should not exceed the limit for the vehicle type. There should be no picking of passengers along interstate routes. Travellers in private cars must adhere to the protocols.
DaGreat · 06/28/2020
I have for long stopped referring Nigeria to as Giant of Africa. I even placed little Togo ahead bcoz the country in midst of thousands of professors are still analogue in their sense of reasonings. You locked up poor people and their businesses at home and be crying about poor economy. Visit borders and see how much security agents make in a day. Lawless country that doesn't think about positive growth. Not until people lose patience and take to the streets and then there will no longer be control over the spread of your acclaimed COVID 19
+234-812339**** · 06/28/2020
Interstate movement should be lifted.Enough of these wickedness. For near to 5 months ppl have been lockdown without any help from this government is just wickedness. If interstate is not lifted this week that means this government is looking to sarcrify the bloods of nigeria citizens to the number of deaths of this covid 19 as there may be massive and spontaneous uprising by nigerians.

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