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They're Using Amaechi To Fight Tinubu, They Will Finish Amaechi themselves Thereafter - Reno Omokri

SynicNews 06/25/2020

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As the APC saga continues, people have been reacting and sharing their thoughts and opinion about what is going in the running party, the All Progressive Congressive Party.

From the suspension of Adams Oshiomole as the national chairman of the party to the appointment of Abiola Ajimobi and Victor Giadom who seems to be approved by President Buhari as the National chairman.

Yesterday, the newly appointed National Chairman, Victor Giadom called for NEC meetings which is to be held today without including Bola Tinubu on the list of members to attend the meetings.

This has caused many Nigerians to react and some think Ahmed Bola Tinubu has been sidelined and his hope to contest as President for the 2023 Polls has been shattered.

Nigerians have been giving updates about how the top guns in Nigeria Politics teamed up against the Ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan in the pre 2015 Election.

Reacting to this [email protected] tweeted

Obasanjo, Atiku,Tinubu, Saraki, Kwankwaso and Okorocha teamed up pre 2015 against Jonathan to support Buhari and the change agenda Doubt any of these folks supports Buhari today Wonder what the dynamics would be if Tinubu & Saraki didn''t fall out over the Senate Presidency

Atiku, Asiwaju, Saraki and Ameachi raised 100% of the funds for the 2015 elections. Recall Bubu was in Daura and didn't have election money. His nephews and cousins didn't have that kind of money too. Apart from Amaechi, the other chaps have seen shege from Bubu. Inside life.

Also reacting to the APC and Tinubu saga is the Reno Omokri, the aide to the former President.

He tweeted..

satan has no new tricks. * They used Bola @AsiwajuTinubu and Rotimi @ChibuikeAmaechi to fight @GEJonathan * They are using Amaechi to fight Tinubu * When they finish using Amaechi, they will finish him themselves because he is too weak to threaten them

Even if you ask General @MBuhari to choose who to trust amongst: * Bola @AsiwajuTinubu * Rotimi @ChibuikeAmaechi * Nasir @Elrufai , & * @GEJonathan Buhari will still choose Jonathan. Only a complete fool will trust backstabbers like Tinubu, Amaechi & Elrufai

Whoownsthestreet @whoownsthestret says Is Jonathan a better ruler from all the rulers that has ruled? There all bunch of blood sucking devils, all you talk about is Jonathan dis Jonathan that Jonathan is even more selfish dan den all a man that bring in a local content for he’s own selfish interest

Soladoye Philip @Phillip949 tweeted his own thoughts

After all the drama displayed by Buhari led APC govt from 2015 till date, I can obviously say that Buhari is a mere figure head who operate based on command of his close Northerner. Buhari's fame that made APC won the 2015 presidential seat will be same to scatter APC prior 2023.

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Top Comments
IgwePaulAmaechi · 06/25/2020
Tinubu aka Jagaban has been disgraced over his 2023 Presidential ambition using a southerner, in the person of Amaechi, and guess what?, afterwards it will be Amaechi's turn to be disgraced and dumped after using him now. So my main point here is that they can never use a northerner or a southerner to disgrace a northerner rather they will use a southerner against a southerner as in the case of Amaechi now to Tinubu. Southerners wake up from your stupidity. They have been doing this many years ago and we cannot learn by those that hold power
ZionJoel_01 · 06/25/2020
asari dukobo vs namdi kanu just of a sudden,now jagaban vs ameachi....and we claims we are educated in the south,we are mere intellectual nuisance and also visually impaired to realities.
AyeriteDouglas · 06/25/2020
nostradamus, these are your personal and irrelevant opinions. your Gej who fed you is gone forever. He cant be president again. Too weak.
GUEST_3xGn7nYnZ · 06/26/2020
Mr writer how did Tinubu betray ur principal? U talk out of bitterness always for removing ur principal after 6 years as president of Nigeria.

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