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Spirit Possession, Mental Disorder and Intentionality

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Spirit possession refers to a broad range of phenomena whose basic defining feature is the involvement of a non-corporeal agent with a human host in a variety of ways. These agents commonly referred to as spirits may be ghosts of departed ancestors or foreign visitors, divine beings, demons, spirits of fire; in general, ethereal creatures of various origins. Spirit possession is ubiquitous in almost all regions of the world.

The involvement of spirits with their human hosts is understood by adherents and practitioners to take various forms. The spirit may intrude into the person causing physical and psychological maladies or, less commonly, generating positive effects such as heightened capacities and powers. Social misfortunes such as financial problems and interpersonal discord may also be attributed to spirit influence through the effects of the spirit on the person's mental states. The involvement of spirits with their human hosts is not limited to the effects of intrusion and may manifest in displacement of the host's agency.

Why spirit posses people

They are looking for energy: After someone dies, their spirit leaves their body and is supposed to cross-over, but some spirits do not, usually because they have unfinished business or because they are afraid. Without their physical body or without the energy from the Divine these spirits then go in search of others energy in order to exist.

They still want to be alive: If a spirit has not come to terms with their death, they may stay around and try to live through others. This is usually the case with addicts or those who experienced sudden death or some type of trauma. They may try to ‘piggy-back” off someone else and manipulate them to engage in certain behaviours that they enjoyed while alive.

They have never lived: There are spirits out there that have never come into human form. These can be demons. They attempt to take over the body and soul in order to achieve some type of dark or negative act. They usually want to inflict harm and even death. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Possession at any level can be extremely dangerous. Some of the signs include mental illness, addictions, abrupt personality changes, anger, outbursts of rage, or behaving out of character. The victims eyes may also appear to be lifeless or dull in color and they may lose their appetite or need to sleep.

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