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Real Madrid and Barcelona's Remaining Fixtures Of The Season

Travis02 06/28/2020

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When it comes to Spanish football, the major competition is between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

During the covid-19 break from football, Real Madrid supporters (fans) and Barcelona fans have been arguing on who will win the Laliga title this season.

So it will be of great benefits for fans to know their club remaining fixtures of the season in order to predict whether their team is going to win the league title or not.

Below is Real Madrid remaining fixtures of the season:

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1. Espanyol vs Real Madrid (Away)

2. Real Madrid vs Getafe (Home)

3. Athlectic club vs Real Madrid (Away)

4. Real Madrid vs Alaves (Home)

5. Granada Vs Real Madrid (away)

6. Real Madrid vs Villarreal (Home)

7. Leganes vs Real Madrid (away)

Now let's take a look at Barcelona remaining fixtures below:

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1. Barcelona vs Atlectico Madrid (Home)

2. Villarreal vs Barcelona (away)

3. Barcelona vs Espanyol (Home)

4. Valladolid vs Barcelona (away)

5. Barcelona vs Osasuna (home)

6. Alaves Vs Barcelona (away).

From the fixtures above, Real madrid are likely to win the Laliga title this season, after Barcelona fell to a 2:2 draw with Celts Vigo yesterday. Barcelona are currently on top of Laliga table but Real Madrid will top them if only they win their match against Espanyol today.

What's your opinion on this? Who do you think will win the Laliga title? Share your view in the comments section below.

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+258-87141**** · 07/12/2020
Real Madrid
FämøüsJáy · 07/11/2020
barcelona is going to win the laliga⚽⚽
CharlesOtoo_02 · 07/8/2020
Real Madrid will delved into their arsenals to beat Alaves. Barca don't be daydreaming, Madrid all the way.
LawrenceMwape_01 · 07/3/2020
real Madrid

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