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Check out these 5 things Lionel Messi did in real life that can only be done on FIFA video games

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We believe they could only be done in video games until Leo proved otherwise.

One of the few things that define Lionel Messi is defiance. Just when you think you've seen it all, he shows you there's more to it.

Since making his professional debut for Barcelona against Porto on November 16, 2003, the Argentine has done several things that we once believed were only possible in video games.

We looks at five of them:

1. Dribbling past half the opponent's team

Messi did something unimaginable even for his alien status during the Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao in 2015. He received a pass just a few yards off the half-way line and dribbled past five opponents before rendering the goalkeeper helpless and sending the ball into the back of the net.

2. Lofty jump for a short player

Standing at just 1.7m, many don't expect Leo to score with his head yet he sent an unbelievable header crashing into the net against Manchester United in the 2009 Champions League final. A cross floated into the opposition box and Leo jumped over a much taller Rio Ferdinand to deliver a spectacular finish that sent spectators wild.

3. Scoring a Free-kick from a crazy distance

Nobody believed it when Leo stepped up and converted an unimaginable free-kick from 40 yards out against Liverpool in the Champions League semifinals last season. Such was the beauty of that goal that it earned praises from several Reds' stars afterward.

4. Forcing all 11 opponents to defend his set-piece

Leo's set-piece efforts have become so great that opposition players tremble when they haul down Barca players in front of the box as if they conceded a penalty kick. Real Sociedad had to throw all their 11 players in the box in order to defend the attacker's set-piece during a La Liga game in March this year. That is how frightening Leo can be!

5. Forcing a new wall structure and approach to defend his free-kicks

Another Lionel Messi free-kick nightmare for an opposition team as Sevilla had Munir El Haddadi lie down behind the wall while Joules Kounde sprinted towards the goalpost to cover for the keeper when Leo took a shot from the set-piece in a clash against Sevilla.

Which other Messi FIFA moment do you think should make it to the list? Tell us in the comments section

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Nwekechinonso · 09/20/2020
KingEto · 07/30/2020
it was a 30 yards free-kick not 40 yards

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