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I Believe in Obaseki: He was my Candidate in 2016, He Remains my Candidate Now and This is Why

BishopCharlie 06/25/2020

I have always believed in standing by who and what is right and this has prompted my conviction to stick to him till date.

He dispatches Government Business briskly and in a professional manner.

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Unlike Adams Oshiomhole, who is desirous of building a political empire in the mould of Chief Tony Anenih (whom Oshiomhole admired), he does not surround himself with hangers on. He also does not like unmerited praises. 

Obaseki is first and foremost a businessman whose sole profiteering motivation is resuscitating Edo  and putting it on the right path.

During his first four years, he ignited a political revolution in Edo in a businesslike faction by surreptitiously and under the noses of his opposition, establishing a direct link of communication between the government House and the ward.

He is hellbent on turning Edo into the number 1 in Agriculture. However, unlike his predecessor, he has come to judgement that the Government of Edo has a role to play in the industrialization of the state.

He is simply not content to leave that to the forces of the market alone especially knowing the comparative advantages, Edo's neighbours to the West and East have over it in this regard. It is why, there is new hope and talk of the Cassavita Factory in Uromi. 

He is fashioning out ways to make Edo road infrastructure last. This is why he has taken up the Dangote's vision of cement concrete roads, as the new common sense in road construction in Edo.

Cement concrete lasts longer and in the long term cheaper than the Asphalt concrete currently in use today. 

I do not know his vision on Education. I do not know whether his vision is different from his predecessor and so not competent to talk about it.

However, what I do know and judging from his deportment, comportment, skill and character, if reelected he will find a way to render Edo's failing education into a first rate educational system that once led to the "Bendelization" of the Federal civil service of Nigeria after the purges of 1975. 

I like that in the matter of the Onojie of Uromi, whom his predecessor deposed for daring to support a son of Uromi in the gubernatorial election of 2016, he had the moral fiber to overrule Oshiomole on this naked display of power.

He squashed what had then become a cause celebre for Oshiomhole who tried to use the Onojie deposition as a political football to send a chilling message to traditional rulers in Edo State to either play politics his way or face humiliation and/or deposition.

I'm happy that Obaseki took the bulls by the horn with the view that it is ultimately bad for politics, and undermines the traditions for which songs are written about Edo, and in absolute terms, making it exponentially difficult for his apparatchiks in Uromi in making any headway in selling his programs to the great people of Uromi.

He chose to be on the right side of history. For that I'm grateful.

Obaseki may be faced with a tough reelection prospect but he is a better choice.

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GUEST_gXOomMjJw · 07/9/2020
he just said it all . 4+4. no vacancy
AdedayoEbunoluwa · 06/25/2020
I believe that you are part of the tax collectors. You write up is one sided and biased
NanyoNanyo · 06/25/2020
Congrats Gov Obaseki PDP 2020 Edo State.

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