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Having A Forgiving Spirit

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The power of forgiveness is something every human should have, even Jesus said we should forgive as many as times as we can (Matthew 18:21 - 22).

To forgive means to excuse a mistake or offense, it means to pardon someone or to show kindness after you have been wronged or something bad was done against you.

Forgiving someone doesn't mean you are weak, but it shows you are strong, better and you are willing to let go. Even God forgives us every time we sin against Him.


1. It Helps To Free Your Mind:

When someone offends you, you tend to hold a grudge against that person. Any time you see them or hear their names been mentioned, you tend to get angry. This is not good for you as it affects whatever you do or say at that moment

But when you forgive them, you are at peace.

2. If Helps To Patch Things Up:

Forgiveness goes a long way in reconciliation. You are able to settle your grievances with the person and try to work things out them, although things may not be as they used to but gradually it will.

3. Forgiving Speaks Highly Of You:

When you forgive someone of their wrong doings, it shows you are a better person and people will hold you in high regard and speak well of you, they tend to respect you more for having a good character.

4. It Helps You Move On:

Sometimes holding a grudge keeps you stagnated in life but forgiveness helps you move on. It doesn't necessarily mean you are not hurt but it means you won't let it tie you or weigh you down. You may not want to be close friends with the person anymore, but you hold nothing against them.

In conclusion, there are so many things to do with your life and your time than to hold grudges.

Forgive let go and move on.


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