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See What Police Caught 3 Women Trying To Smuggle From Kano To South-South

Viral-Trends 06/25/2020

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Men of the Nigerian police on Wednesday, June 24, 20202, arrested and paraded 3 female suspects over failed attempt to move 818 rounds on live ammunition from Kano State to Bayelsa state.

The women who are believed to be armed robbers/smugglers were arrested by officers of the Special Tactical Squad of the Nigerian police with the arms and ammunitions concealed in rice sacks.

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In the report, one of the suspects identified as Eleana Yowei, 25, acted on the instruction of her husband who is currently detained by the military.

According to her, the husband handed over half bag of rice to another female suspect, aged 21, to aid transport to Bayelsa State.

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The 21-year-old suspect was expected to arrive Bayelsa state and hand over the consignment to another 30 years old female suspect.

The half bag of rice had 818 rounds of live ammunition carefully concealed in it.

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Their mission failed following intelligence report from operatives who monitored activities at the motor park.

According to Frank Mba, the Force Public Relations Officer, when the 21-year-old female suspect arrived the parked and was about to board a vehicle coming down Bayelsa state in South-South Nigeria, the bag of rice was opened and search was conduct and the ammunitions were also found.

818 rounds of live ammunition, 718 were made for General Purpose Machine Gun. 

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A total of 39 others were arrested, including the 3 women, for kidnapping armed robbery, cattle rustling and gun running.

Watch the video Here

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Top Comments
AbbanFati_01 · 06/25/2020
We call on all Northern states governments to quickly abolish all South luxurious motor parks, because these criminals Southeners are using the Parks for criminal activities. They are using the Parks for drugs, arms and Child trafficking. Igbos especially are notorious criminals throughout the history of Nigeria as a nation.
Branto · 06/25/2020
This report is conflicting. Police says, the husband of one the female suspects is being detained by the military authorities, but handed over the 818 rounds of the live ammunition to his wife to smuggle to Bayelsa State. How possible could a man in a Millitary detention perfect such deal ? Again, Nigeria is currently operating an interstate movements ban, yet a vehicle got loaded to head to Bayelsa. How possible could that be ? It means the interstate lockdown imposed by FG has been an effort in futility. Possibly, members of the security agencies detailed to man the various interstate borders have been comprising. No need. FG should immediately lift the ban as is not yielding the set goal. Similarly, the background photos shows faces typical of the fulani herdsmen as Co syndicates of the arms smuggling deal, but only the female suspects were bemmed as principal suspects. The story or report needs to be clarified properly.
SuleimanRingim · 06/25/2020
Chei!! Igbo! Igbo!! Igbo!!!. they are in South like herdmen in the north. they live in bushy are but when they come to main city they became dangerous.
OthmanJ · 06/25/2020
when an issue happened of these nature don't try to triberise it, if either be hausa fulan, ibo or yoroba we are one nation, Nigerian.

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