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Why are the top 7 people of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) all Han Chinese?

LionKing_Simba 06/29/2020

The CCP doesn’t care about political correctness or affirmative action because the vast majority of China’s population apparently doesn’t care about these things either. At the highest level of leadership, they put more emphasis on meritocracy and achievement than on equal representation.

Han Chinese make up 91.51% of China’s population. This is not too dissimilar to how White British make up 87.17% of the UK population (as of 2011). The post below shows how the UK Conservative party includes many politicians of ethnic minority backgrounds, including the current Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Not only does the 7 member Standing Committee not have any ethnic minority politicians, the 25 member Politburo, which may resemble a Chinese version of the UK government’s cabinet, doesn’t have any either

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The CCP’s 19th Central Commitee Politburo

You may also notice what may be a far more pressing issue than lack of ethnic minority representation: there is only one woman.

Mao Zedong once said: “Women hold up half the sky”

Clearly that doesn’t apply to the top level of politics. There is only one woman out of 25 in this Politburo, that is Sun Chunlan, head of the United Front Work Department, which is a body that works on exerting CCP influence at home and abroad.

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She looks enthusiastic, though I’ve heard the meetings do drag on a bit at the CCP. Xi sometimes gives long speeches, one was 3 and a 1/2 hours.

In the previous Politburo prior to 2017 (the members change periodically), there was also only one woman.

FT once speculated that: there was one female politician “taking aim at China’s glass ceiling”. As China prepares for its once-in-a-decade leadership transition next month, Ms Liu is an outside contender to become the first woman to join the politburo standing committee, the group of nine officials who rule China.

Although her chances of promotion are slimmer than that of other contenders, if successful, she is expected to bring more charm to the secretive body. The FT article, written in 2012, described how she may become the first ever member of the CCP Politburo Standing Committee, which has 7 members. This is the very top level, which no woman has ever reached.

Needless to say, she failed.

Having more female members of the Politburo is not a priority among the CCP or the general population, nor is having more ethnic minority representation. That said, the CCP does care somewhat about showing ethnic minority representation on a wider governmental level, as can be seen by the National People’s Congress and CPPCC.

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Here we can see the Caixin caption makes a point of the body including ethnic minorities.

You can often see images of CCP politicians wearing their elaborate ethnic minority costumes, of which there are many since China has 56 ethnic minorities.

Most of them, apart from Uyghur, are hard to distinguish physically from Han Chinese, so perhaps this is why they make a point of dressing up in their traditional dress, which might be seen as an odd thing to do in most other countries’ parliaments.

The CCP gives ethnic minorities some privileges generally in life, such as easier entrance into China’s universities after taking the fiendishly difficult Gaokao university entrance examinations. I’ve often heard/read of ordinary Chinese complain about these unfair privileges and that Han are at the bottom of the pile.

So to summarise, the CCP cares more about ethnic minority representation than the ordinary people do. Movements for racial equality and feminism are almost non-existent in China and those that do exist are often cracked down upon, with the consent of most people, as they are perceived to damage social harmony.

Source: opera.com
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