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Bill Gates' Coronavirus Vaccine Would Kill 50 Million Americans - Judy Mikovits

komrovie 06/25/2020

Controversial virologist Judy Mikovits has claimed that at least 50 million Americans would die, probably from the first dose, if a COVID-19 vaccine was mandated for the whole population. The claims have been found to be baseless with no credible proof to confirm its authenticity.

With the scientists and researchers racing against time to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, the global pandemic has infected 9.3 million people. The first case was reported in the Wuhan province of China in December, last year.

Mikovits Claims Vaccine Made by Bill Gates Will Kill Millions

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Judy Mikovits Twitter

The former research scientist who is a strong anti-vaxxer made the bizarre claims in reference to a possible vaccine being backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. The claims made in a two-minute video clip has been shared several times by the anti-vaxxers and those who believe in the bizarre and often fake theories propagated by Mikovits.

In the viral clip, the interviewer while referring to a COVID-19 vaccine says that Dr Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are pushing for this mandate vaccine. What would happen if they are successful in their current vaccine schedule and in mandating it?

"If they were successful in mandating for everyone at least 50 million Americans would die, probably from the first dose," replied Mikovits adding "the retroviruses we discovered that are coming through vaccines in a contaminated blood supply".

Claiming that both Gates and Fauci are aware of the dangers, Mikovits said that they are going to bury the evidence and kill the victims and call it COVID-19. Calling it a criminal act, the controversial Virologist said that military, first responders, lab workers, health care workers will be the first victims of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Experts Debunk Mikovits' Claims

Mikovits shot into limelight due to her viral video Plandemic, which was removed from the social media platforms as it contained harmful medical misinformation. According to Reuters Fact Check, the recent claims made by the anti-vaxxers hold no credentials. An expert, who doesn't wish to be named, told the outlet that the claim that a COVID-19 vaccine could kill 50 million Americans was unsubstantiated.

In an email sent to Reuters, a spokesperson for the Mayo Vaccine Research Group said that they know of no evidence to support the claims in this video whatsoever. "It represents part of the anti-vaccine movement designed to create uncertainty about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines which save millions of lives each year," a Harvard University professor told the outlet.

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Top Comments
Richi77 · 06/25/2020
Don't forget, Judy has insider knowledge. She was working with Fauci. She knows what she is talking about. That warning of her must be taken serious
+233-24482**** · 06/25/2020
Gates' vaccine is more deadly than the virus itself. Saying that these allegations are baseless are also baseless assertions. Between 2015 and now Bill Gates has consistently argued that there is giong to be a pandemic that will claim 30 million lives . lf Gates were some poor guy in some ghetto the FBI or perhaps the CIA might have gone after him to interrogate him on his assertions . Gates is no virologist neither is he into medicine , so how does he arrive at these his scary conclusions ? Anything connected with Bill Gates is not safe . He has a secret agenda we are yet to know . He covers his crimes with his money . Go to lndia , go to Nigeria , the records of these his vaccines are there for all to see.
NkyVivian · 06/26/2020
why should they allow Bill gate to produced vaccines is he a medical personal.
NwaturuochaFrancis · 06/25/2020
Third world war bear in mind that so many things can lead to that of which Bill gates and Co might be number one honestly medication is never by force then if so the civilians around the world will turn to soldiers over night because you have no other options than to defend yourself and the results will be if you fail to inject me I will never fail to finish you but for some of those leaders around the world who failed to protect their citizens instead they went from back and collect money from Bill gates for him to ride on with his deadly vaccine against their own people God must surely deal with them if they did not change

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