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FICTION: Why white hens are used for sacrifice

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A long time ago, there was a young boy named Ojadike who had a pet white hen. They became great friends and inseparable companions. He never allowed his friend the hen to be in want.

One day, the hen disappeared and Ojadike cried and cried. Then, after three weeks, the white hen returned to Ojadike’s compound with seven beautiful white chicks. The boy was really overjoyed. The mother hen took very good care of her chicks.

One day, late in the dry season, the older boys set a ring of fire to the bush area outside the village. Everyone stood outside the ring as the fire burned towards the center. The purpose was to drive little animals such as rabbits and antelopes out of the circle. Then, the waiting cutlasses claimed their prey. When the slaughter and the fire were over, Ojadike and his friends walked through the smoldering embers. The boy noticed a heap of charred feathers and smelled burned flesh. It looked like the remains of a bird that had not escaped from the fire. Then, Ojadike realized in horror, it was his beloved friend the white hen all black and burned to death. But then, the sound of chicks. The mother hen had covered them with her body and they were still alive and well. The mother hen had given her life for her children. She died that they might live. Since that time up until now, white hens are used for sacrifice.

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