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Side Effects Of Not Brushing Your Teeth Well

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Brushing your teeth is one of the daily activities you do.

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Below are side effects of not brushing your teeth well.


When you do not take time to brush your teeth before breakfast and before going to bed, you allow the bacteria in your mouth to thrive.

When bacteria live in your mouth, you are exposed to different kinds of mouth diseases.


If the teeth is not brushed well, it can result in gum disease from loss of bone around the teeth.


This is also known as bad breath. It can be prevented by brushing your teeth daily.

Tooth Decay.

Bacteria and mouth disease work together to wreak havoc on your teeth by eating away all your gums and teeth.

The best way to prevent all these, is by brushing your teeth atleast twice a day, before breakfast and before going to bed.

Keep your teeth clean, strong and healthy. Thank you for reading.

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