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Revealed: How Much Premier League Clubs Paid Their Players Agents For The Last Two Transfer Windows.

Emmanuel*Busby 06/25/2020

As the summer transfer window is approaching, football clubs has linked with transfers of many players whereby the time the window shut down, some of these players did make the move while some didn't due to one issue or the other which at times comprises agents' fees as in the case of Erling Haaland to Man. United in the past January transfer window.

These behind the scenes activities accompanying most transfers escape the knowledge of most football supporters who were after how many players their clubs have signed.

However, The Football Association (FA) in England has released data on Premier League clubs spending on intermediary and agents' fees between February 1, 2019, and January 31, 2020 worth £263m. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Premier League leaders Liverpool were said to have paid the most agents' fees for a third successive year. However, the latest data shows that the champions-elect have cut payments by almost a third. In the 2019 summer and 2020 winter transfer windows, Liverpool spent £30.3m on intermediaries compared with nearly £44m the previous year, but that is still the most of any top-flight club. While Burnley were reported to have spent the least amount of £4m between February 1 2019 and January 31 2020.

For the past three years, the FA has been publishing the total payments made by clubs in England's top five divisions to agents, as well as a list of every transfer which involved an agent in compliance with FIFA transfer guidelines.

Despite Liverpool's reduction and the Premier League's efforts to bring down the amount clubs spend on middlemen, the combined figures show an increase from £261m to £263.3m for the top flight.

The top four, as in the two previous years, comprises Liverpool, Manchester City (£29m), Manchester United (£27.6m) and Chelsea (£26.2m).

Everton (£16.9m) are the fifth biggest spenders on agents' fees, according to the FA's figures, with Arsenal (£13.6m), West Ham (£13.2m) and Tottenham (£12.5m) making up the top eight.

Burnley (£4m) forked out the least of any top-flight club, with Sheffield United (£4.3m) and Norwich (£4.9m) making up the bottom three.

Championship clubs paid out a combined £49.3m, slightly down on last year's £50m, with Stoke (£5.6m) and Swansea (£5.2m) topping the list.

League One sides spent £3.9m, down from almost £6m with Sunderland accounting for nearly £1.4m, and League Two clubs gave agents £1.2m, a slight increase from just under £1m.

The total figures for all top five divisions show English football spent just over £318m on agents, which is almost £80,000 less than a year ago.

What do you think? How much did players agents have in players transfer? Let chat in the comment section below.

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