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Reactions As The First Lady Of Bauchi Distributes Packs Of Sachet Water As Empowerment For Women

Temi_loluwa 06/26/2020

Bauchi First Lady Distributes Packs Of Sachet Water To Women As Startups. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The First Lady of Bauchi state in a bid to do her part, in helping the community and eradicating poverty has reached out to her people in the best way she can. She, as the First Lady of the thriving state of Bauchi, distributed 8bags of sachet water for women in a certain community in Bauchi.

Although the governor's wife is doing this at the best of her capacity as the First Lady Nigerians have come out on social media to attack her act of kindness. Some of them claim the action is simply too shallow to be regarded as an act of kindness, they believe she as the first lady of a state can do more than just provide women whose husbands have been displaced due to terrorism with bags of what Nigerians call pure water. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

To some Nigerians, this act is despicable, and televising it is even more dangerous to Nigerians than terrorism. Obviously, we have gotten used to being treated in such a manner. How we have been given little attention by our leaders. In my calculations, I theorize that those bags of water provided by the First Lady cannot cost anything higher than thirty thousand nairas. Of the millions generated in the state and in her capacity of the first lady, she only saw it fit to give thirty thousand to the people of Bauchi.

So where do these women start selling their sachet water, how do they even begin to take care of their family with the profit from this beautiful business given to them by the amiable First Lady.

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IzuagbaFrancis_01 · 06/26/2020
Afeeceeeeee!! Fowerrrrrrrrr!!!!
Jungudobello · 06/26/2020
Most of them don't know their right and that is the advantage those in power derived from them and is the reason for not giving them qualitative education. In the north slavery treatment is still there. Similarly, getting independent did change the system of colonial administration in the country since the poorer is getting poorer and dance to the tune of the richs.

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