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Pensioners Lives Matter

MathiasSende 06/25/2020

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The continual refusal by the Benue State Government to pay Benue Pensioners is becoming too unbecoming. Benue State pensioners have been neglected, dejected and abandoned by Ortom administration. This atrocious, obnoxious, sadistic and inhumane act is unacceptable.

The gross injustice against Benue pensioners is barbaric, scandalous, horrendous, abominable and sickening, and does not reflect the true principles of democracy. In a setting where democracy is truly practiced, the well fair of pensioners is prioritized. George Osborne opined that "a generous basic state pension is the least a civilized society should offer those who have worked hard and saved through their whole lives".

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However, in Benue State, pensioners well fair is a sorry. Gov. Ortom prey Upon their vulnerability to embezzle their funs with no one to question his vicious and inhumane attitudes. Benue pensioners are really in a quagmire. Many are starved to death. They cannot settle their hospital bills. Many have died while trying to get their retirement benefits. Many children sponsored by Benue pensioners have dropped out of school for lack of money. What has these poor pensioners done to be melted with this disgusting treatment from Gov. Ortom? 

Pensioners money is their hard earn, and blood. No one should take away their blood even if you are the most irresponsible government. God will never forgive you. Remember, the evil that men do live with and after them. Posterity will surely judge you.

 "If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything" (Malcolm X). PENSIONERS LIVES MATTER" They need us at this critical time. These poor pensioners need a voice. I have chosen to be that voice for my poor parents ( Benue pensioners). What do you do for these poor pensioners?

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This is not about political affiliation, it is a joint struggle for people whose sweat, struggle, patriotism, sacrifice and loyalty to service have transformed and salvaged this nation. They fought for our freedom from slavery and colonialism. These poor pensioners never owned a motorcycle not to talk of a car, yet, never seized to educate and serve this nation. My people, Who can deny that the lives of these people do not matter?

I weep for my father who has served this nation as a teacher diligently (his students can testify) now surviving under the tutelage of his children. This sick and old man hasn't received his gratuity since his forceful retirement in 2009. And his pension is withhold by callous and inhumane creatures whose Western education is questionable, and whose Joy is to inflict pains and untold hardship on academic veterans.

Those close to Ortom should remind him that, pensioners are in tears, his parents are crying and begging for their pension and gratuity. Tell him that PENSIONERS LIVES MATTER. NIGERIA MUST BE BETTER.


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Top Comments
EphraimI · 06/27/2020
Everything benue state is different with other's state,why?
+234-903199**** · 06/26/2020
any governor that is starving the pensioners must surely die and go to hell.his family must be wasted

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