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Dear Mothers, Never do these 4 things Infront of your Children (See Details)

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Children are known to be intelligent and observant in all they do. To you, they might be playing and you think they are not observing, but the truth is they are seeing all you are doing. Have you ever thought of where children learnt how to make use of vulgar words?, They either learn from their parents or from surrounding older guardian around.

Research shows that whatever little children do, are influenced by what the learnt from a parent or guardian.

There are certain characters that are expected by a mother to do. The mother is the first best friend of every child should endeavour to avoid doing these 7 things Infront of her children:

1. Avoid watching adult movies while they are around: Children are fast learners and they are adventurous. Always wanting to practice what they see. As a mother, there is a need to avoid watching adult movies Infront of your children. We have seen lots of videos and pictures where children re indulged in sexual activities, these are as a result of what they watched and the adventurous nature to practice what they had seen. Let's be disciplined Infront of our children.

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2. Avoid the use of profanity when they are around: Swearing Infront of your children is a very bad attitude. Using of profanity where you children is makes them tend to speak it. The first education a child gets is from home. Cursing words, abusing words and profanity such as f*ck ,a*s and others should be totally avoided. Rather, words that seems proper and okay for them to speak around you and in public should be encouraged.

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3. Avoid undressing Infront of your kids especially the opposite sex: Undressing Infront of kids, can make them feel it's proper to undress Infront of anyone. This has a potential threat risk on them. They may do so Infront of bad uncles or cousins who end may inflict sexual based violence on them.

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4. Never fight or quarrel with your husband while your kids watch: Fighting with your husband Infront of your kids is a very bad attitude. It has a lot of damages it causes to your children. Example; they feel they are no longer protected, they don't feel the love once shared by the family. It also makes them feel bad and bothered, and through fighting, they learn certain profane statements. If you must quarel with you husband, do it in the absence of your kids.

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GraceDavid_05 · 06/25/2020
my mom does all these when I'm around.
SuceccGodwin · 06/26/2020
thanks dear
OdindeTaiwoAnthonia · 06/25/2020
good tanks
GeorgeAaron · 06/25/2020

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